Source code for yggdrasil.communication.AsciiFileComm

from yggdrasil.communication.FileComm import FileComm

[docs]class AsciiFileComm(FileComm): r"""Class for handling I/O from/to a file on disk. Args: name (str): The environment variable where communication address is stored. comment (str, optional): String indicating a comment. If 'read_meth' is 'readline' and this is provided, lines starting with a comment will be skipped. **kwargs: Additional keywords arguments are passed to parent class. """ _filetype = 'ascii' _schema_subtype_description = ('This file is read/written as encoded text ' 'one line at a time.') _deprecated_drivers = ['AsciiFileInputDriver', 'AsciiFileOutputDriver'] def _init_before_open(self, **kwargs): r"""Get absolute path and set attributes.""" super(AsciiFileComm, self)._init_before_open(**kwargs) self.read_meth = 'readline'
[docs] @classmethod def get_testing_options(cls, **kwargs): r"""Method to return a dictionary of testing options for this class. Returns: dict: Dictionary of variables to use for testing. Key/value pairs: kwargs (dict): Keyword arguments for comms tested with the provided content. send (list): List of objects to send to test file. recv (list): List of objects that will be received from a test file that was sent the messages in 'send'. contents (bytes): Bytes contents of test file created by sending the messages in 'send'. """ kwargs['read_meth'] = 'readline' return super(AsciiFileComm, cls).get_testing_options(**kwargs)