Source code for yggdrasil.serialize.DirectSerialize

from yggdrasil import tools
from yggdrasil.serialize import format_message
from yggdrasil.serialize.SerializeBase import SerializeBase

[docs]class DirectSerialize(SerializeBase): r"""Class for directly serializing bytes.""" _seritype = 'direct' _schema_subtype_description = ('Direct serialization of bytes.') default_datatype = {'type': 'bytes'}
[docs] def func_serialize(self, args): r"""Serialize a message. Args: args: List of arguments to be formatted or numpy array to be serialized. Returns: bytes, str: Serialized message. """ if (((self.extra_kwargs.get('format_str', None) is not None) and isinstance(args, list))): args = format_message(args, self.extra_kwargs['format_str']) return tools.str2bytes(args)
[docs] def func_deserialize(self, msg): r"""Deserialize a message. Args: msg: Message to be deserialized. Returns: obj: Deserialized message. """ return msg
[docs] @classmethod def concatenate(cls, objects, **kwargs): r"""Concatenate objects to get object that would be recieved if the concatenated serialization were deserialized. Args: objects (list): Objects to be concatenated. **kwargs: Additional keyword arguments are ignored. Returns: list: Set of objects that results from concatenating those provided. """ return [b''.join(objects)]
[docs] @classmethod def get_testing_options(cls, **kwargs): r"""Method to return a dictionary of testing options for this class. Returns: dict: Dictionary of variables to use for testing. Key/value pairs: kwargs (dict): Keyword arguments for comms tested with the provided content. empty (object): Object produced from deserializing an empty message. objects (list): List of objects to be serialized/deserialized. extra_kwargs (dict): Extra keyword arguments not used to construct type definition. typedef (dict): Type definition resulting from the supplied kwargs. dtype (np.dtype): Numpy data types that is consistent with the determined type definition. """ out = {'kwargs': {}, 'empty': b'', 'dtype': None, 'datatype': cls.default_datatype, 'extra_kwargs': {}} out['objects'] = [b'Test message\n', b'Test message 2\n'] out['contents'] = b''.join(out['objects']) return out