Source code for cis_interface.drivers.MakeModelDriver

import os
from cis_interface import tools, platform
from cis_interface.drivers.ModelDriver import ModelDriver
from cis_interface.drivers import GCCModelDriver
from cis_interface.schema import register_component, inherit_schema
if platform._is_win:  # pragma: windows
    _default_make_command = 'nmake'
    _default_make_command = 'make'
_default_makefile = 'Makefile'

[docs]def setup_environ(compile_flags=[], linker_flags=[]): r"""Set environment variables CISCCFLAGS and CISLDFLAGS. Args: compile_flags (list, optional): Additional compile flags that should be set. Defaults to []. linker_flags (list, optional): Additional linker flags that should be set. Defaults to []. """ _compile_flags, _linker_flags = GCCModelDriver.get_flags() os.environ['CISCCFLAGS'] = ' '.join(compile_flags + _compile_flags) os.environ['CISLDFLAGS'] = ' '.join(linker_flags + _linker_flags)
[docs]@register_component class MakeModelDriver(ModelDriver): r"""Class for running make file compiled drivers. Before running the make command, the necessary compiler & linker flags for the interface's C/C++ library are stored the environment variables CISCCFLAGS and CISLDFLAGS respectively. These should be used in the make file to correctly compile with the interface's C/C++ libraries. Args: name (str): Driver name. args (str, list): Executable that should be created (make target) and any arguments for the executable. make_command (str, optional): Command that should be used for make. Defaults to 'make' on Linux/MacOS and 'nmake' on windows. makefile (str, optional): Path to make file either absolute, relative to makedir (if provided), or relative to working_dir. Defaults to Makefile. makedir (str, optional): Directory where make should be invoked from if it is not the same as the directory containing the makefile. Defaults to directory containing makefile if provided, otherwise self.working_dir. **kwargs: Additional keyword arguments are passed to parent class. Attributes: compiled (bool): True if the compilation was successful, False otherwise. target (str): Name of executable that should be created and called. make_command (str): Command that should be used for make. makedir (str): Directory where make should be invoked from. makefile (str): Path to make file either relative to makedir or absolute. Raises: RuntimeError: If neither the IPC or ZMQ C libraries are available. """ _language = 'make' _schema_properties = inherit_schema( ModelDriver._schema_properties, {'make_command': {'type': 'string', 'default': _default_make_command}, 'makefile': {'type': 'string', 'default': _default_makefile}, 'makedir': {'type': 'string'}}) # default will depend on makefile def __init__(self, name, args, **kwargs): super(MakeModelDriver, self).__init__(name, args, **kwargs) if not self.is_installed(): # pragma: windows raise RuntimeError("No library available for models written in C/C++.") self.debug('') self.compiled = False = self.args[0] if not os.path.isabs(self.makefile): if self.makedir is not None: self.makefile = os.path.normpath( os.path.join(self.makedir, self.makefile)) else: self.makefile = os.path.normpath( os.path.join(self.working_dir, self.makefile)) if self.makedir is None: self.makedir = os.path.dirname(self.makefile) self.target_file = os.path.join(self.makedir, self.args[0] = self.target_file # Set environment variables self.debug("Setting environment variables.") compile_flags = ['-DCIS_DEBUG=%d' % self.logger.getEffectiveLevel()] setup_environ(compile_flags=compile_flags) # Compile in a new process self.debug("Making target.") self.make_target(
[docs] @classmethod def is_installed(self): r"""Determine if this model driver is installed on the current machine. Returns: bool: Truth of if this model driver can be run on the current machine. """ return (len(tools.get_installed_comm(language='c')) > 0)
[docs] def make_target(self, target): r"""Run the make command to make the target. Args: target (str): Target that should be made. Raises: RuntimeError: If there is an error in running the make. """ curdir = os.getcwd() os.chdir(self.makedir) if self.make_command == 'nmake': # pragma: windows make_opts = ['/NOLOGO', '/F'] else: make_opts = ['-f'] make_args = [self.make_command] + make_opts + [self.makefile, target] self.debug(' '.join(make_args)) if not os.path.isfile(self.makefile): os.chdir(curdir) raise IOError("Makefile %s not found" % self.makefile) comp_process = tools.popen_nobuffer(make_args) output, err = comp_process.communicate() exit_code = comp_process.returncode os.chdir(curdir) if exit_code != 0: self.error(output) raise RuntimeError("Make failed with code %d." % exit_code) self.debug('Make complete')
[docs] def cleanup(self): r"""Remove compile executable.""" if (self.target_file is not None) and os.path.isfile(self.target_file): self.make_target('clean') super(MakeModelDriver, self).cleanup()