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from yggdrasil.metaschema import normalizer as normalizer_mod
from import MetaschemaProperty

[docs]class DefaultMetaschemaProperty(MetaschemaProperty): r"""Property class for 'default' property.""" name = 'default' _replaces_existing = True _validate = False # @classmethod # def encode(cls, instance): # r"""Encoder for the 'default' container property.""" # return instance # @classmethod # def validate(cls, validator, value, instance, schema): # r"""Validation method for 'default' property.""" # return
[docs] @classmethod def normalize(cls, normalizer, value, instance, schema): r"""Normalization method for 'default' property.""" if (((not normalizer.NO_DEFAULTS) and isinstance(instance, normalizer_mod.UndefinedProperty))): return value return instance