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import weakref
from yggdrasil.metaschema import MetaschemaTypeError
from import (
from import (

[docs]class ArgsMetaschemaProperty(MetaschemaProperty): r"""Property class for 'args' property.""" name = 'args' schema = {'description': ('Arguments required to recreate a class instance.'), 'type': 'array'} _instance_dict_attr = ['input_arguments', 'input_args']
[docs] @classmethod def instance2args(cls, instance): r"""Get input arguments from a class instance. Args: instance (object): Instance of a Python class. Returns: dict: Input arguments for re-creating the instance. """ out = None for k in cls._instance_dict_attr: if out is not None: break if hasattr(instance, k): out = getattr(instance, k) elif hasattr(instance, 'get_' + k): out = getattr(instance, 'get_' + k)() elif hasattr(instance, '_' + k): out = getattr(instance, '_' + k) if isinstance(out, (list, tuple)): out_real = [] for x in out: if isinstance(x, weakref.ReferenceType): out_real.append(x()) else: out_real.append(x) return out_real elif isinstance(out, dict): out_real = {} for k, v in out.items(): if isinstance(v, weakref.ReferenceType): out_real[k] = v() else: out_real[k] = v return out_real else: raise MetaschemaTypeError('Could not locate dictionary of arguments.')
[docs] @classmethod def encode(cls, instance, typedef=None): r"""Encoder for the 'args' property.""" typedef_args = None # if isinstance(typedef, dict) and ('args' in typedef): # typedef_args = typedef['args'] args = cls.instance2args(instance) return ItemsMetaschemaProperty.encode(args, typedef_args)
[docs] @classmethod def compare(cls, *args, **kwargs): r"""Comparison method for 'args' container property.""" for e in*args, **kwargs): yield e