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from yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes import encode_type, compare_schema
from import MetaschemaProperty

[docs]class TemptypeMetaschemaProperty(MetaschemaProperty): r"""Property class for 'temptype' property.""" name = 'temptype' schema = {'description': 'The type of the data for a single message.', 'type': 'schema'}
[docs] @classmethod def encode(cls, instance, typedef=None): r"""Encoder for the 'temptype' property.""" return encode_type(instance, typedef)
[docs] @classmethod def compare(cls, prop1, prop2, root1=None, root2=None): r"""Comparison for the 'temptype' property.""" for e in compare_schema(prop1, prop2, root1=root1, root2=root2): yield e
[docs] @classmethod def validate(cls, validator, value, instance, schema): r"""Validator for JSON schema validation of an instance by this property. If there is not a user provided validate function, the instance will be encoded and then the encoded value will be checked against the provided value using Args: validator (jsonschmea.Validator): JSON schema validator. value (object): Value of the property in the schema. instance (object): Instance to validate. schema (dict): Schema that instance should be validated against. Yields: str: Error messages associated with failed validation. """ for error in validator.descend(instance, value): yield error