Source code for yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes.InstanceMetaschemaType

from yggdrasil.metaschema import MetaschemaTypeError
from yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes.MetaschemaType import MetaschemaType
from yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes.JSONArrayMetaschemaType import (
from yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes.JSONObjectMetaschemaType import (
from import (
from import (

[docs]class InstanceMetaschemaType(MetaschemaType): r"""Type for evaluating instances of Python classes.""" name = 'instance' description = 'Type for Python class instances.' properties = ['class', 'args', 'kwargs'] definition_properties = ['class'] metadata_properties = ['class', 'args', 'kwargs'] extract_properties = ['class', 'args', 'kwargs'] python_types = (object, ) cross_language_support = False
[docs] @classmethod def validate(cls, obj, raise_errors=False): r"""Validate an object to check if it could be of this type. Args: obj (object): Object to validate. raise_errors (bool, optional): If True, errors will be raised when the object fails to be validated. Defaults to False. Returns: bool: True if the object could be of this type, False otherwise. """ # Base not called because every python object should pass validation # against the object class try: ArgsMetaschemaProperty.instance2args(obj) KwargsMetaschemaProperty.instance2kwargs(obj) return True except MetaschemaTypeError: if raise_errors: raise ValueError("Class dosn't have an input_args attribute.") return False
[docs] @classmethod def encode_data(cls, obj, typedef): r"""Encode an object's data. Args: obj (object): Object to encode. typedef (dict): Type definition that should be used to encode the object. Returns: string: Encoded object. """ args = ArgsMetaschemaProperty.instance2args(obj) kwargs = KwargsMetaschemaProperty.instance2kwargs(obj) typedef_args = None typedef_kwargs = None if isinstance(typedef, dict): if 'args' in typedef: typedef_args = {'items': typedef['args']} if 'kwargs' in typedef: typedef_kwargs = {'properties': typedef['kwargs']} out = [ JSONArrayMetaschemaType.encode_data(args, typedef_args), JSONObjectMetaschemaType.encode_data(kwargs, typedef_kwargs)] return out
[docs] @classmethod def decode_data(cls, obj, typedef): r"""Decode an object. Args: obj (string): Encoded object to decode. typedef (dict): Type definition that should be used to decode the object. Returns: object: Decoded object. """ # TODO: Normalization can be removed if metadata is normalized typedef = cls.normalize_definition(typedef) assert isinstance(obj, list) assert len(obj) == 2 args = JSONArrayMetaschemaType.decode_data( obj[0], {'items': typedef.get('args', [])}) kwargs = JSONObjectMetaschemaType.decode_data( obj[1], {'properties': typedef.get('kwargs', {})}) return typedef['class'](*args, **kwargs)
@classmethod def _generate_data(cls, typedef): r"""Generate mock data for the specified type. Args: typedef (dict): Type definition. Returns: object: Python object of the specified type. """ args = JSONArrayMetaschemaType.generate_data( {'type': 'array', 'items': typedef.get('args', [])}) kwargs = JSONObjectMetaschemaType.generate_data( {'type': 'object', 'properties': typedef.get('kwargs', {})}) return typedef['class'](*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @classmethod def get_test_data(cls, typedef=None): r"""object: Test data.""" if typedef is None: from yggdrasil.metaschema.datatypes.ClassMetaschemaType import ( ExampleClass) typedef = {'type': 'instance', 'class': ExampleClass} return super(InstanceMetaschemaType, cls).get_test_data(typedef)