Source code for cis_interface.drivers.LPyModelDriver

# This should not be used directly by modelers
import os
import sys
from logging import debug
from cis_interface.drivers.ModelDriver import ModelDriver
try:  # pragma: lpy
    from openalea import lpy
except ImportError:  # pragma: no lpy
    debug("Could not import openalea.lpy. "
          + "LPy support will be disabled.")
    lpy = None
from cis_interface.schema import register_component
_lpy_installed = (lpy is not None)

_model_script = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '')

[docs]@register_component class LPyModelDriver(ModelDriver): # pragma: lpy r"""Class for running LPy models. Args: name (str): Driver name. args (str): The LPy l-system file. **kwargs: Additional keyword arguments are passed to parent class's __init__ method. """ _language = 'lpy' def __init__(self, name, args, **kwargs): if not _lpy_installed: # pragma: no lpy raise RuntimeError("LPy is not installed.") super(LPyModelDriver, self).__init__(name, args, **kwargs) self.debug(args) self.args = [sys.executable, _model_script] + self.args
[docs] @classmethod def is_installed(self): r"""Determine if this model driver is installed on the current machine. Returns: bool: Truth of if this model driver can be run on the current machine. """ return _lpy_installed